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CCAR Certified Recovery Coach Training

What is a recovery coach? A recovery coach serves as a personal guide and mentor to persons seeking or already active in recovery. By linking recoverees to treatment and other services, and removing other barriers to recovery, recovery coaches also serve to advocate and educate within their communities on behalf those they serve.


Recovery Coaches are:

  • Positive role model — Most individuals in early recovery face many difficulties. They often face barriers in housing, employment, and family relationships; and have used alcohol and/or drugs to cope with these situations. Recovery coaches provide positive reinforcement when recoverees face difficult situations and choices; and they can also provide helpful insight to outcomes of poor choices.
  • Resource broker — Recovery coaches are tasked with educating themselves about and networking with local recovery resources so that they are able to answer questions and make referrals in the best interest of their recoverees.
  • Truthteller — One of the greatest barriers to recovery is denial. This can be on the part of the individual and/or the part of family. The key to addressing any problem is to first acknowledge it. Whether it’s admitting
  • Cheerleader — The journey of recovery is filled with many small victories and the occasional major one. But persons in early recovery do not always have strong support from family; and those wins can go unrecognized. The recovery coach will reinforce the idea that progress is being made; and the positive in every day results from a series of good choices
  • Educator — It is through a long period of
  • Advocate — Those who


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Upcoming Trainings


CCAR Certified Recovery Coach Training: January 2024

We are excited to host our CCAR Certified Recovery Coach Training beginning on January 20, 2024!

The Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery (CCAR) recovery coach training curriculum was developed to provide individuals with the skills needed to guide, mentor and support those wishing to enter into or sustain long-term recovery from alcohol dependency and / or substance use disorders.


Participants in this 4-Saturday intensive workshop receive: 

• All course materials

• Lunch each of the In-Person days

• Certificate of Completion from the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery

Cost: $400

(scholarships are available, reach out for more information)