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Changing Minds by Changing Recovery


To create opportunities for individuals in or seeking recovery from addiction.


A community where recovery is encouraged, supported, and respected.


Everyone at Unity Recovery Services has a personal recovery story; and wants to share their experience with others.

About Unity

Drug and alcohol addiction has been identified as a top three public health priority in nearly every Wisconsin county. Several counties have introduced peer-based recovery support services as a means of connecting people to local resources and assisting them in building a recovery network.

Peer-based support pairs individuals having lived recovery experience with individuals who are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. These recovery coaches walk with them on their recovery journey; and provide encouragement and perspective during difficult times.

Many recovery coaches encourage participation in post-treatment recovery programming. The figure below shows how these programs improve outcomes.

Outcome Measurement

10 years

5 years

2 years

1 year

6 months

1 month

Outcome Measurement Key:

 Treatment, Aftercare, Sober Living, 12-step support
 Treatment, Aftercare, 12-step support
 Treatment, Aftercare
 Treatment, 12-step support


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