Every Person, Every Family, Every Community

September was National Recovery Month, learn all our key takeaways to support our community during that time and beyond.

Takeaways from National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month (Recovery Month) is a national observance held every September to: promote and support treatment and recovery practices; our strong and proud recovery community; and the dedication of service providers and communities who make recovery in all its forms possible.

Recovery Month’s tagline this year was: “Every Person, Every Family, Every Community,” emphasizes that recovery is possible for everyone.

United Recovery Services aims to create opportunities for individuals in or seeking recovery from addiction, while working to create a community where recovery is encouraged, supported and respected. We are excited to be a part of National Recovery Month and would love for you to join us! Let’s take a look at our weekly themes during Recovery Month, different pathways to recovery, and how you can get involved!

  • Recovery has many pathways.
  • Recovery is individualized and has many pathways. Pathways may include clinical, non-clinical and self-management pathways. Often, people utilize multiple paths. Following are a few examples:
  • Peer-supported recovery involves the use of structured recovery mutual aid groups, peer recovery support specialists, recovery housing, collegiate recovery programs, and others to initiate and/or maintain recovery.
  • Treatment-assisted recovery uses professional help with a therapist, a doctor, or another credentialed professional. This can include medication, therapy, or a combination of the two.
  • Faith-based recovery support services are religious or spiritual frameworks of recovery that can include congregation-based support services that help during the recovery process.
  • Natural recovery occurs when a person achieves recovery from mental or substance use problems on their own through interpersonal and interpersonal resources without professional treatment or involvement in a recovery mutual aid community.
  • What works for one person may not work for another. It is important to support a person in or seeking recovery as they make their own decisions about which pathway is right for them.

Key Messages + Weekly Themes we explored during Recovery Month 2023

Each week of National Recovery Month featured a theme in different aspects of Recovery. Here are our key takeaways from these themes to provide ongoing resources and support beyond Recovery Month.

Families and Caregivers (September 4-10)

This week highlighted the crucial role that families and caregivers play in supporting youth and young people who are already in recovery or are seeking to start their recovery journey.

We have a number of programs that support families and caregivers.

  • Online Support Meetings: In response to the increasing need for online support meetings, the Fox Valley PRISM Team and Waushara SHINES introduced the following ZOOM-based meetings. They can be accessed by computer, smart phone, or dial-in. Stay up to date on upcoming meetings by subscribing to our newsletter list here.
  • Crisis Response: We have a 24-hour Helpline to support individuals in recovery and their support network. Our Crisis Response Helpline can be reached at 920-345-7747.
  • We have a full list of Resources available in our community, check out the full list.

Equitable Access to Recovery Resources (September 11–17)

This week’s focus was ensuring that people of color, youth, older adults, LGBTQI+, rural residents, veterans, and people with disabilities have equitable access to recovery resources.

  • Menasha Community Addiction Assistance Program (MCAAP) — is a partnership between Unity Recovery Services and the City of Menasha and is designed to provide ease of access to treatment and recovery services within our community.
  • PeerSpace — The area within a community where grassroots, peer-based organizations practice under the values, beliefs and social norms of their unique subcultures. Unity Recovery Services offers technical assistance services to communities and organizations seeking to develop or expand their local recovery resources.

Whole-Person Approach (September 18–24)

Our focus this week was promoting a whole-person approach to wellness that addresses the social determinants of health in addition to physical and mental symptoms.

  • At United Recovery Services, all of our staff are CCAR Certified Recovery Coaches. Our certified recovery coaches serve as a personal guide and mentor to persons seeking or already active in recovery. By linking individuals in recovery to treatment and other services, and removing other barriers to recovery, certified recovery coaches also serve to advocate and educate within their communities on behalf of those they serve.

Peer Support & Services (September 25–30)

This week highlighted the importance of peer support and peer support services in guiding individuals, families and caregivers through recovery.

  • Drug and alcohol addiction has been identified as a top three public health priority in nearly every Wisconsin county. Peer-based recovery support services allow people to connect to local resources and assist them in building a recovery network.
  • Peer support and recovery is United Recovery Services’ bread and butter.  Our PRISM or Peer-based Response, Information, Support, and Maintenance program provides education, outreach, and supportive services within our community. Our PRISM Team is made up of certified recovery coaches and peer support specialists that have lived the recovery experience. They are uniquely qualified to educate and help others through the sharing of their own lived recovery experiences; and can offer unique perspectives in difficult situations.

Join us in honor of National Recovery Month

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